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Hello all,

Welcome to my first post. I hope you find it useful.

If your thinking of becoming a Reseller of Hosted Exchange then having a 1 server install of Exchange is just not good practice. People that are willing to pay for “Exchange” and all those bells and whistles expect a high performing and available system.
If you are trying to reduce the cost of Hosting Exchange, or you don’t have the customer base to support the investment, you should look into being a reseller for one of the companies,  who do the solution “right.”
Here are some questions you should ask a provider if you are going to resell their product:

1. What version of Exchange are you running?     (2016 should be the answer)

2. What CU version are you on for Exchange 2016?     (Should be CU4 or 5 at the time this was written)

3. How are they Load Balanced?     (Windows Load balancing works but hardware load balancers like F5 are better)

4. Is this setup spreadover more then one data centre for redundancy?     (If yes then this is better as it gives you better redundancy)

5. Is the solution designed a white label?     (The idea here is to find out if anything has been rebranded so you can investigate it thoroughly and re-brand it to use your own company logo’s)

6. Will I have the ability to have certificates with my brand name on them?     (Yes is better but many don’t let you have this option and use a generic name so it is still kind of white labelled)

7. Is SharePoint an available option to enable / Bill for?     (A lot of clients will want SharePoint as it replaces the Public Folders in Outlook and it makes a good Intranet. It also gives you the natural expansion of the services you can offer your clients)

8. What Control Panel do you use?     (This will help you determine if this is compatible with the billing system you want to use or already use)

9. Do you have an API?     (If yes it will give you the ability to add features you want and customise the customer experience )

10. What anti-spam do you use? Is it on premise or in the cloud? (The idea is to find out what they use and how it is provided to you as they have different benefits so having both an On-premise and Cloud solution is the best but could cost a lot more)

There are a bunch of  other questions you should ask before reselling Exchange using someone else’s environment but I feel these are the most important. Some of the questions above they will not answer, but you should understand how the provider built their network.

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