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This site is intended to bring the IT community news and tips on Anti-Virus, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365.

About the Author

John Burton is a MCSA in Office 365 based in the UK.

I’ve worked in the IT Industry since 2001, working in both the Public and Private sector. Early in my career I became apart of a Security team were I learned a lot about Anti-Virus software and have been classed as the anti-virus expert everywhere I have worked due to this.

More recently in 2013 I changed my career direction to specialize in Microsoft Exchange Server as I had used it a lot over the years and it is one of those products that always seems to have more to learn to it. I found myself quickly immersed in the world of Microsoft Exchange working in a Hosted Exchange environment for a UK based company which was growing quickly. When I joined this company back in 2013 they had 40,000 mailboxes on Microsoft Exchange 2010. Now they have over 127,000 mailboxes spread across Microsoft Exchange 2010 and 2013.